Our Starting Point

Day 16 Full-timing it. Our family selfie…. some are blinded by the light.

Yes, it is true. We have done it….taken the plunge. That conversation that you have with our spouse…the “what if we just got up and did it….left the house and had an adventure?” talk….well, it is officially our reality. So many of our friends want to know what in the world is going on with the Barry’s….so here I am, two weeks into the “great adventure” telling the story:

In January I joined Chris on a business trip to Italy. It was amazing. It was the beginning of 2015 and everywhere I looked, there was history, a legacy, layers of life and stories literally stacked upon each other. Italy was fabulous. Rome, the first civilization…is literally living, vibrant life buried under layers of history that are constantly being unearthed and discovered. I was once again reminded with the simple fact that this life is brief. Circumstances change, love ones are taken Home, children grow up. That desire to to have the house with the picket fence…well, it has morphed into the “my children are growing up at light speed and I just want to scoop them up, love on them and disciple them into young adults that love the Lord, serve Him and enjoy life to the fullest.” So at the end of that trip, I found myself telling my amazing, awesome and adventurous husband that I had decided it was time for us to have that adventure. Well, lets just say he didn’t need much convincing.

Those that know us, know that Chris travels every week for work. He has an amazing job and he loves it…so we love it. However, he is gone A LOT. Two years ago I started homeschooling my kids. Since we have flexibility, why not truly utilize it?

Our thinking is that our family-time is vital and if Daddy has to travel, then we will travel with him in order to keep us together. So if Daddy has work in San Francisco, then we need to take our home on wheels to San Fran. If Daddy has work in Arizona or Seattle, then we need to take our home on wheels there. You see? We all crave a great adventure. First it was Chris…and now even I long to be wild at heart and stir up the pot a bit…especially when it means keeping our family close. As long as we are together…why not. We choose to seize the moment. As Lexi says…”as long as we’re together, that’s all that matters.”

So as a family, we decided to go for it. We sold the couches and most of the furniture, put the rest of the stuff in storage, traded in the the travel trailer for a fifth wheel and left the house on March 31, 2015. We followed Chris to Palm Desert for some business and were able to meet up with family for a little reunion in the desert.

We are now acclimating at the beach in Ventura as we prepare to travel with him through his northwest territory next month. We are currently organizing our new home of 384 square feet and adjusting to our new lifestyle. We have been at the beach for the last eleven days. The funny thing is….we decided to do this whole full-timing thing in February…and well, practically every campsite in Southern Cali is already booked for the season, so we’re not sure where we will be living come Sunday. I’m not worried a bit though…I feel like we are being called to model “walking by faith” to our kiddos…so of course, why should we worry about where we will sleep next week. As my little brother recently reminded me, I am in good company:

“Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”

And of course, in my devotional for today, April 16th, I read:

We live by faith, not by sight. – 2 Corinthians 5:7





2 thoughts on “Our Starting Point

  1. I look forward to being a part of your journey and being there whenever I can. Our prayers are that you are blessed during this wondrous journey and the opportunity of seeing God in His soft whispers in the early morning and His endless depth of stars in the night sky next to his endless sea or carpeted forests. Take surf classes and learn to breathe underwater as your family of fish become one! After all, you’re Barrys!


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