6 Weeks And We Are On The Road


We are doing our first real stint as full-timers on the road. Week one went fabulous. Other than having my three kids sit shoulder to shoulder on the long car rides with tads of antagonistic behavior…it has been dreamy so far. Ok, some of them are longer than “tads” of time. It reminds me of when we first started homeschooling and we had to learn to spend great lengths of time together. There were some rough days in the beginning of our HS adventure. Well worth it days. Nevertheless, rough days. It’s a transition…taking away the bottle, potty training, weaning from naps, sitting next to a sibling in the car…one of those nasty transitions. In the era of monster SUV’s where nobody had to touch each other and they all had some form of “space” on car rides…we are still not used to all driving so close together. But hey, every feat we conquer brings us that much closer and makes us that much more durable. Back to our trip!…Dreamy!

2015-05-14 19.43.47

One night in Jalama Beach. It was awesome! Beautiful, steep windy roads getting to the coast….but so worth it! We will be back for a longer stay…and to have another Jalama Burger.

Pit-stop in Paso Robles:


Two nights in Monterey. Toured the Monterey Bay Aquarium and found the most amazing and picturesque rock climbing spot yet.


Three nights near San Francisco in Pacifica. Our highlights were the sunset cruise under the Golden Gate bridge and around Alcatraz, riding the cable cars and visiting the Academy of Science Center.

20150511_182449 IMG_20150511_223510  20150511_181255

We will be heading to Sacramento next to study our state history and government.

I just love watching my kiddos enjoy the things they love…one of the best perks of this journey…

IMG_20150514_19412620150509_125403 20150509_164730

We are getting faster at closing up and latching down our rig between moves and really enjoying our small little home. Things are coming along bit by bit. We really enjoy greeting Chris after his work day and telling him about all of our adventures! One of these days we will even have dinner ready and waiting for him when he gets home…wouldn’t that be awesome! But then again, how can I possibly stay in and make dinner when we can be exploring!

Enjoy the photos and dare to adventure.

One thought on “6 Weeks And We Are On The Road

  1. I’m so glad that you are documenting your adventures when time and energy permit! Looks like great fun and so worth the “getting used to” moments that rest between each adventure.


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