On the Road…Pulling our little Swoosh

17 weeks in our Swoosh! Yesterday was a big day here for the Barrys. We traveled north on the 395 out of Southern Cali. I am beyond excited! Our plans are vague. It’s summertime. We are thoroughly prepped. I feel adventurous!…It’s all good!

Yes, we named the rig “Swoosh.” We knew right away that it needed a name. It made me weary to say “can you put this in the trailer?”…or rig…or house…or fifth. Nothing seemed to sound right and we have spent months considering names. One day Chris called and said “what about Swoosh?…after all, we just embraced the Nike slogan…and just did it!” We also have some funky swoosh design painted on the outside of our rig…so there it is. We live in our Swoosh.

The last 3 weeks we have spent enjoying time with our family in San Diego and Santa Clarita.  We got a good fix that will hopefully last us awhile ’til we see everyone again.

Here are some of our favorite family-time moments that we will cherish:


Fourth of July on the Rincon Parkway in Ventura


 20150711_172307 20150711_171605

La Jolla Cove, San Diego


This is Grammie explaining to the pool-man that her grandchildren dumped the shampoo bottle into the jacuzzi…this is a very Barry moment here.


A day at Majic Mountain with cousins.

3 thoughts on “On the Road…Pulling our little Swoosh

  1. Saw you link in the FTF member group. We are also looking to hit the road shortly. I LOVE the photo of the shampoo in the spa. This is the type of situation we find ourselves in from time to time. LOL


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