Rockin’ Autumn in the NorthEast


Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C.

We have been on the east coast for two and a half months now and have made our way to Maryland via Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and Virginia. When this trip began, I feared that we would miss much of the brilliance of fall as we descended south for the winter. Today, I am happy to report that we have not missed out on the sites or feel of autumn weather at all.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Everywhere we turn, we find beautiful sights that area a feast for our eyes.

Christ Church Burial Grounds, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

On travel days the kids can’t help but glance up from their books and stare in awe of the bursting trees along the highways. The colors are simply glorious and I if I did not know better I would say that the colors are fake and that my photos have been altered.

For this west coast family…there is nothing like watching the foliage change colors. It is beautiful. The kids have collected leaves to decorate the mantel and even to mail to their aunts in California as part of their birthday presents.


It seems like whatever city we find ourselves in….the fall colors tend to punctuate our photos with a vivid exclamation mark….

Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts



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