Technology Class

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Anyone who has ever glanced at my meager little blog…will attest that I am no journalist. If given the option to enjoy my kids and the location…or to document it…I always choose the former. Well, after 19 months on the road and visiting 30 states as a family…my documentation rests in the cloud of Instagram.

What has changed? My teen has eagerly agreed to help her mama! It’s not that I don’t have the photos…ideas…words to pen…or desire. On the contrary, I have too much swimming in my head. It reminds me of all those diaries I started as a child…they were few and far between. Honestly, there are some things that are much more fun to do together. Just as I always prefer to bare my soul to my husband over hot coffee or a glass of wine around the fire-pit, rather then to a diary tucked away in my bedroom…I will always prefer to journal my adventures with my kids, as opposed to doing it on my own without their input. I’m a social girl and I like the memory of documenting the memory.

So here I sit with my girl…watching in amazement as she quickly learns, reorganizes and creates a space for our memories and a place for me to share all that we’ve learned on our adventure.

My sweet Lexi…she has so much tech inside of her. I have always been astounded with her comprehension of technology. She truly takes after my brother, Jon, in this regard…they are both natural techies at heart.

Now we review our adventures…posting, updating and logging our travel…it’s a living technology course. I do believe that she’s learning much more than the average middle school technology student. What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Technology Class

  1. great so proud of all of you, what a great way to learn, keep up the great work. love and miss you,
    but I try to keep up with your travels, I am traveling with you, love it. Blessings Mamaw


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