Faux Pumpkins for Fall

Dressing up our little home on wheels is fun, yet always poses a good challenge. We have very limited space to store holiday decor and I must decorate with adding little to no weight to the rig. Well, I am always up for the challenge.

This year I opted to use inexpensive faux pumpkins to enhance the feeling of fall around here.

A quick trip to the local Dollar Tree, a handful of cheap and tacky mini pumpkins and an afternoon session of craftiness is all it took…

This is what I started with:


They were not horrible, but a bit cheap looking…and simply not my style.

I pulled out my trusted acrylic paints (I keep a few tucked in the back of a drawer for crafty moments such as this)….and dabbed on some color in shades of white and off-white.


After they dried….I used my handy Museum Putty to stick them to my mantel…and now it is…simple and fall-like in our Swoosh.


Last year we carved real pumpkins Halloween, but after watching them rot after two days, I opted to have the kids carve faux pumpkins from Michaels. With a great sale price and my teacher discount…I was able to score each pumpkin for about $3.50. They are small, light-weight and they did not rot. The only bummer….we had no seeds to roast. But guess what?…the campground we are in just gave us free pumpkins…so now we can scrape seeds for roasting!

FullSizeRender 20.jpg

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