Bunkbed Curtains


One of our favorite, and most practical, dress-up modifications is the privacy curtains we hung in the bunkhouse. Really…with a teenager, a tween girl and a tween boy…this little gesture of “personal space” has made a huge difference in our home. I am so thankful for these curtains!

If you have been around me, you know that I credit these curtains for a big portion of our sanity. When someone needs a little space…they can close their curtains. When someone needs to change clothes (with their brother in the room)….they can close their curtains…When someone wants to get lost in a book or day dream…they have curtains! As we spend quite a bit of time together…this little token item has blessed our kids….and therefore me.

My sweet mama gets the credit for these curtains. I purchased some premade curtains and my mom altered them to fit our space. They turned out awesome! It was a challenge to determine how to hang them and with what rods, as each bunk is different. In the end, the upper bunks rod is screwed into the ceiling, the lower bunks curtains are tucked under the upper bunks mattress and the third bunks rod is screwed into the decorative frame on the slide-out. I love that each space caters to the personality of the child. Grams also outdid herself with blackout curtains for all the bedroom windows…she took an old panel, cut it to size for each of the exterior bedroom windows, hemmed the edges and then attached them with extra-strength velcro. Thanks mom! It almost makes up for not teaching me how to sew for myself. One day I will learn…I know.

Brendan’s curtains also double as a display for the Junior Ranger badges he has earned at the National Parks we have visited. Perhaps our love for the Junior Ranger program deserves a post all of its own?

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