Family Adventure At Cathedral Caverns State Park


Cathedral Caverns is a state park in Woodville, Alabama. This park is beautiful, however the real star here is the giant cave that features gorgeous stalagmite formations.


Heading north from Pensacola Beach, FL to Nashville, TN…we stopped for the night in Huntsville, AL so that we could visit this cave the next morning. Cathedral Caverns State Park does have a campground, however we pull a 38 foot fifth wheel, and we are too large for their campground. You can find information on the state park HERE.

To visit the cave you must join a tour. We had a great guide and really enjoyed the entire process for the most part. You should know that this tour lasts an hour and a half (ours was even a bit longer), you will want to use the restroom and have a snack prior to the tour.


We arrived at the Visitor Center and purchased our tickets and were able to join in on the next tour. Note that they do not accept reservations ahead of time. Tours are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. It was an easy process and on a Sunday morning in April, there was no line. We did however have a good size group (I would guess that we had 50 in our group).

A beautiful Visitor Center, with plenty of shaded seating.

The cost is $18 per adult and $8 per child. It was worth every single penny. My kids thought this tour was one of the best things that we have done in our two year adventure of visiting thirty something states…so that tells you just how much they loved it!

A unique feature of this cave is the incredibly large entrance.

The tour guide will provide the history of the cave, including the various owners and contributors to this once privately-owned beauty…as well as some factoids and interesting observations. It is a family friendly adventure. The entire cave tour is stroller and wheelchair accessible. All visitors should know that they will will be walking and standing for the duration of the tour. If I had a young child, I would definitely bring a stroller.


This cave has been beautifully updated. The lighting is fabulous, almost a bit too commercial, but it enhanced our photos and really brought the formations to life in a way that basic lights just could not do.

The stalagmite formation known as Goliath

All of the formations in this cave are flowstone, a rock made of calcium carbide. It is amazing how the water from the surface affects the limestone rock and eventually becomes these breathtaking formations. It’s almost out of this world. In my mind…it’s a cross between something on another planet and those cute little drippy wet sandcastles that my kids made when they were little (actually, they still might do that!).


Keep in mind that this is a cave…and you will have a decent temperature drop once inside. Plan to bring a sweatshirt as the cave will most likely be around sixty degrees. My boys remained in t-shirts, but us girls were perfect in long sleeves.


Photography is permitted as long as you do not use a flash. All of these photos were taken with my iPhone. My teen had the camera and together we walked away with some pretty good photos considering it is fairly dark inside.



As you can see, this cave is beautiful. I encourage you to visit if you find yourself in northern Alabama. Here are a few tips to consider when visiting:

  1. Bring: a layer of warmth, water and plenty of battery on your phone/camera for pics.
  2. Huntsville is a great place to stay or visit when in this area. It is about 35 minutes from the cave and there are some cute restaurants, great breweries and a Harvest Host location. Click HERE to learn more about Harvest Hosts and how it can benefit RVers who like to travel. If it’s something you are interested in, please use my name as your referral.
  3. There was plenty of vehicle parking when we arrived. I think it would be pretty tricky to arrive with a big RV. I would contact the park directly or consider arriving separate from your RV…unless you are small enough to fit into the campground there.
  4. The restrooms were clean and in the same building as the Visitor Center/Store.
  5. There are plenty of spots to have a picnic lunch before or after your tour.
  6. The park does not offer any form of discount on the tour prices, nor do they offer a Junior Ranger activity.
  7. This park is probably at least 20 miles from the nearest gas station. We did not see any nearby.

If you find yourself adventuring here, please let us know how you enjoyed your visit. We sure had a wonderful time and hope to help make it easier for other families to discover this natural beauty, by sharing our adventure.



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