A Tidy & Travel-Ready RV Shower

RVers understand how important a functional and efficient shower is. We have limited square footage, and the shower area…well, it is prime real estate.

One of the selling points of our Open Range Fifth Wheel was the shower. It was crucial for my husband, that we select a unit with a spacious shower. The Springdale travel trailer that we had previously owned had a somewhat small shower/tub unit and my husband felt strongly that we needed a spacious shower.

Well, two years and hundreds of showers later…our system is still working.

I thought I would take a moment and share how we have made our space not only functional for a family of five (with one bathroom), but efficient:

A Shower Curtain


It may seem obvious, but not for everyone. Although my curtain is cute, its true function is to close and allow for someone to enter and use the restroom while another is in the shower. Yep, this is real-world stuff and real-necessary!

Shower Straps


Newer showers come with all these great little shelves. Problem is, everything flies off of them when your home goes mobile. I found these little straps that work great. I have yet to have them come undone, except when I pull them off for cleaning. You can find them on Amazon HERE. I think two years of test use is a pretty good product review.

An Effective Shower Caddy

Finding a shower caddy is easy. Getting it to stay in place while you are moving, that is another thing. I purchased an inexpensive and small caddy, with 2 suction cups, at my local home store. I then mounted a Command Caddy Hanger on the wall, and it holds the shower caddy in place perfectly. You can order the caddy hanger HERE. Note that I did rub the area with rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad prior to attaching the Command hook, it makes all the difference in how it adheres….just be sure to let it dry thoroughly before applying.

A Tension Rod


And last, but not least…my tension rod. This is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in my entire tiny house. It is utilized all day, every day. I bought the rod at Target and put on some plastic hangers (plastic doesn’t rust when wet!). Those two chrome hook thingy’s…those are from the garage organization section at Home Depot (sadly, I don’t know how to refer to them). Wet bathing suits and towels get hung here. Clothes that don’t get to the dryer get hung here. Rain coats and snow jackets get hung here. The shower floor mat dries here. Muddy clothes from a dirty little boy get rinsed, and then dry here. And…damp dish towels dry here before getting tossed in the laundry basket. Not only does this little thing help keep our house clean and dry…but it prevents wet things from smelling all musty…because now there is a place for them, rather than getting all gross from being damp in the laundry basket.

And lastly…some may wonder, how do I clean my shower? Well, much of the time I spray it with my home-made solution of vinegar and Dawn dish soap. However, let’s face it…the grime still builds up. When, I really need to clean those shower doors, I use Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser. You can find it HERE. It does a fabulous job of cleaning those shower doors, without scratching them…and without much work. I simply apply it with a sponge to a wet surface, rub it around and rinse. I found this idea on Pinterest, from this blog HERE, and knew I had to try this cleanser on my shower! Let me tell you, it has been working great. This little shower…the one in my pictures above, well, it get’s a lot of use. I dare say, it looks just as good as the day we bought it.

If you have an RV shower, I hope these tips are helpful! What have you found to make your RV bathroom more functional?

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