Visiting The Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri


“This museum is elegant and educational and pays tribute to those involved in this tragic, historical event…As a traveling family, who loves to explore, we want to give you a few reasons why you should consider a visit to the Titanic Museum Attraction with your family.”

At the end of April we found ourselves in Branson, Missouri. On a day which we had hoped would be filled with hiking the lush, green landscape of Branson…we found instead, a messy thunderstorm which prevented all outside activity.

One quick glance at TripAdvisor revealed the perfect rainy day activity: The Titanic Museum Attraction. This museum holds claim to being the largest Titanic museum in the world. It is solely about the world’s most famous luxury liner…and what a captivating experience it provided our family with. This attraction not only rescued our afternoon in Branson, it fostered a fascination in each one of us to discover more about this tragic event.

Titanic Museum, Branson

Driving through Branson, one can not help but notice the ships massive replica that hoovers over this busy area of tourism. One might assume that it is simply another tourist trap…let me assure you, it is the farthest thing from such.

This museum is elegant and educational and pays tribute to those involved in this tragic, historical event. There are also several temporary exhibits pertaining to the Titanic movie, which was released twenty years ago.

Reproduction of Titanic’s Grand Staircase

As a traveling family, who loves to explore, we want to give you a few reasons why you should consider a visit to the Titanic Museum Attraction with your family:

1. This experience caters to both adults and children with audio recordings.

Upon admission to the museum, each person receives a portable listening device. As you make your way through the museum, you can enter the number of the exhibit on your portable device, and then listen to detailed information about the exhibit in front of you. There are separate recordings for adults and children and both are extremely well done!

There is plenty to read, in addition to what is covered in the recordings, for those who want to explore deeper. The recordings though are genius, as they are entertaining…and it allows parents to listen, as they manage their young children.

2. You will learn historical facts, and find many artifacts from the ship that are not available any where else in the world.

There are many books and documentary films featuring the Titanic story. Many of us might know Titanic facts such as:

  • Titanic hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912 and sunk 2 hours and 40 minutes later.
  • Titanic was considered by most to be unsinkable.
  • It was 882.5 feet long and 92.5 feet wide.
  • It had an onboard capacity of 3250 people, yet only 2208 people were onboard for it’s first tragic voyage.
  • There were life jackets for each passenger, yet only 20 lifeboats on board.
  • It had 3 anchors, 3 engines, 3 propellers and 2 masts.
  • It was capable of traveling 23-24 knots.
  • It was one of the first two vessels to utilize watertight compartments.
  • The fatal iceberg was spotted only 37 seconds prior to impact.
The Survivors’ Wall of Stories, at the Titanic Museum

However, this is perhaps the only place you will find:

  • The Survivors Wall of Stories: An area dedicated to identifying what happened to each person that survived the tragedy of the Titanic ship.
  • The ships details, from the architects that designed Titanic (Harland & Wolff in Belfast, Ireland).
  • An actual First Class Accommodations Plan (a map of the first class quarters), as only 3 exist.
  • The only dining menu from the ship.
  • An actual passenger ticket.
  • The story of the heroic musicians that played music as the ship was sinking, in order to keep the guest calm.
  • View the only life vest remaining from Titanic; the one worn by Maddeline Astor (wife to John Astor, the wealthiest man aboard Titanic).
  • Countless memorabilia, accounts from survivors and replicas of various parts of the ship.
  • Photographs and video from the Titanic wreckage, that sits 12,400 feet below sea level.

3. Titanic Photographs

Father Browne Gallery in the Titanic Museum, BransonZ

There are some fascinating photographs of Titanic in the museum. Father Browne was an ammeter photographer who took photos of guests as they were boarding the ship prior to sailing. These photographs were not known to exist until the film was discovered upon his death in 1960. These photographs are the only photos that exist of Titanic with people onboard the ship. There is a beautiful exhibit in the museum showcasing all of Father Browne’s work.

4. There is as much for the kids to enjoy, as there is for the adults!

Yes, adults will love this place, and kids…absolutely! The very young can pretend to shovel coal into the furnace and steer the ship from the Captains Bridge. The older kids can quiz themselves with trivia throughout the museum, and walk on a sloping deck to see what the passengers would have experienced as the ship went down. My kids were quite excited over the ice water demonstration, where they placed their hands in 28 degree water…to see exactly how long they could handle the ice-cold temperature. I was pleasantly surprised at how much was catered to children.

Interactive displays for kids at Titanic Museum
The Titanic’s Sloping Deck Experience

5. This museum is hands-on and engaging.

As you enter, each person receives a Boarding Pass. Each pass belongs to a different passenger or crew member aboard the Titanic. You can read about their voyage and about their background. At the end of the museum, you can search for your “name” and discover what happened to that specific person. It is quite engaging and allows us to see a glimpse of how many lives were touched by this event.

We loved the Titanic Museum!

Wether you are a student of all-things-Titantic or one who has simply a mild interest in knowing the facts of the event…you will be fascinated by what you see, read and hear. This museum is truly unique and provides a fabulous learning and entertainment opportunity for the entire family.

Click HERE for details on the museum’s website.

Click HERE to read other reviews posted on TripAdvisor.

Have you visited the Titanic Museum? Let me know when you visit…I would love to hear about your experience!

My full disclosure:  I received admission to the museum for free. In appreciation for such, I am providing my honest and unbiased review. My husband and three children received the discounted rate that is available for homeschoolers during the school year.

Photography Disclosure:  All photographs in this post are the property of the Titanic Museum, and are not my own, as no photography is permitted within the museum.

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