Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Falls Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We finally made it to South Dakota, our 38th state! We began our visit with a stop in Sioux Falls, the largest city in the state. It was quite a surprise to have snow on May 1st!


The kids loved every second of it though. We pulled out the snow gear, and there was even enough powder to sled down the hill!

IMG_1829 2.jpg

I am thrilled to report that we have found yet another purpose for our trusty rain boots.


In our quest to grow our family tree on the Barry side, we ventured to Sioux Falls to meet Chris’ first cousin, Barry Glen. Our teenagers had connected on Instagram, yet my husband had never met his cousin…well, not since being a toddler at least.

Chris and cousin Barry Glen, May 2017

I am so thankful that we came to Sioux Falls! We enjoyed the snow…and then the warm sun, just a few days later…but most importantly, we had a blast getting to know our “new” family. The kids are close in age and they LOVED getting acquainted with their cousins.

The Barrys & The Glens

One of our favorite outings was our family “photo shoot” at Yankton Park. Barry’s wife, Michelle, was practicing her photography skills and Lexi had a blast snapping pics of this beautiful bridge.

Yankton Park Bridge photo by Lexi @ National Explorers
Lexi & Michelle Glen, getting all photo crazy

It was fun to learn that I’m not the only one with a child who likes to photo bomb our pics!

Scott, the photo-bomber

And yes, I’m totally spoiled…this girl loves to give her mama love:


These beauties are so cute!…I know I’m partial, but happy kids just make for great photos.


Check out these boys…no one would ever guess that Brendan and Scott had just met.



We were blessed to have a gorgeous day to explore Falls Park. This beautiful park hosts the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River, the cities namesake attraction. On a warm and sunny evening (remember, the sun is out until at least eight o’clock this time of year) this park was lively with local families and tourists alike.


My oldest had fun with the camera and tripod.


My center child naturally inspires fun in just about everything…


My youngest…well, he is just a natural explorer.


If you find yourself in Sioux Falls, be sure to spend some time at Falls Park. You can find the details on TripAdvisor HERE.

Overall, this city was much more than we had expected. I love the slow and mellow vibe it has going on…it feels more like a sprawled out town than a city. It also sports all the conveniences that a traveling family could want…it even has a Costco!!

Special thanks to the Glen family for all the love and fun while we were in town!

We’ve also been busy sorting through our videos. What else do you do in SoDak when it’s cold and wet? We’re making the most of our time indoors and catching up on blog posts and even creating some video content (and posting some of our older favorites). Check out our new highlight video…and perhaps even start following our channel!


So…have you been to Sioux Falls? What should we plan to see in our next visit?

4 thoughts on “Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  1. Sioux Falls is just an hour and half away from where Trent and I met in college in the town of Sioux Center, IA. On the weekends it was common to head to Sioux Falls to go to a movie or out to eat or go shopping. Trent and I had our first date there in fact at a TGI Fridays. I am glad to hear you guys got to connect with more family and enjoyed your time!


  2. What a great story, looks like the kids have known each other forever! I’m so glad we made it into Falls Park, it’s such a great city park, and the Falls are incredible! We made it to Costco too 😄. No snow in mid-May, but we have had some exciting thunderstorms.


    1. Thanks Michelle! The thunder storms in this region are phenomenal. We are actually supposed to get snow again tomorrow and Friday…that will be twice for us in SD! Stay dry and warm in your travels.


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