The National Park Puzzle

If you’ve been around for awhile, then you probably know that we recently made some decor changes in our fifth wheel. The inspiration for my design was this puzzle:


This puzzle is by True South Puzzle Company and is titled, the 100th Anniversary Of The National Park Service.

You can find your own puzzle HERE. All of their puzzles measure 18″x24′ and are the perfect size for framing.

While we were in Pensacola, we happened to see this puzzle in a store. Chris and I both loved it! I knew it would be the perfect fit for our little rolling home…and probably a forever keepsake from this season of travel.

Here is how it became the centerpiece in our RV:

On a pretty afternoon, Lexi and I sat at the picnic table and put the puzzle together.


We purchased two foam poster boards and sandwiched the puzzle between them until we were ready for the next step. Having two boards made it easy for me to flip the puzzle over and work with it. It also prevented the kids from knocking it over, as it took me a couple of days to get to the next step.

I then covered one board with was paper, using painters tape to secure the paper. Next I placed the puzzle onto of the wax paper (puzzle should be right side up).

After this, I covered the puzzle with Mod Podge (which you can purchase HERE).

Here is the YouTube video that I watched for guidance on how to glue my puzzle:

This is what my puzzle looked like when it was wet with Mod Podge:


We let the puzzle sit for a couple of days so that it could dry and cure. Next, I took the puzzle off of the wax paper (you might have to take a knife around the edge if it sticks to the paper a bit), and laid it face-down into my picture frame…like so:


I then took one of the foam boards and cut it to size, so that it fit directly behind the puzzle. I then took painters tape and secured the foam board to the frame, which I then reinforced with some staples into the tape.


Now, painters tape is not my first choice…but that is all I had on hand in the RV at this time. I would suggest you try another paint, as I will have to re-tape this eventually (it’s already lifting a bit).

It’s looking pretty fab, right?


Then it was time to make it hangable. I used these:


After carefully measuring, to be sure they would hang level, it looked like this:


Then I placed a piece of tape along the back of the frame, marked where the nails should go, then put the tape on the wall and made sure it was level.


I used these little picture hangers, which I loved. They actually worked fine…hammering into the RV wall and all. I also added the little rubber bumpers, so the frame would not rub against my walls.


This is when I hung up my beautamous creation…only to discover:  though my picture was level, my RV ceiling is at a slant and my slide-out wall is not perfectly straight.

Verdict:  My picture looks crooked, even though it is not! See…


I solved this by placing some Museum Putty (this is the stuff I use to hold down candle holders and picture frames with…my favorite brand is THIS), between the nail and the little ring hanger. This made it look more level. I do have to adjust it every so often though.

And this is my final product:


So what do you think? Who wants to recreate this? I am absolutely thrilled with my puzzle art! I hope you consider checking out some of THESE puzzles from True South Puzzle Company and perhaps it will inspire you to get creative with a puzzle?

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