Family Time, Lakeside At Flathead Lake


We are lovers of water. Coming from California and spending most of our outdoor time on the beaches of Ventura, our family has become partial to beautiful waterways. I never thought we would be more than a thirty minute drive from the ocean, yet most of our time is spent far from it these days. In fact, we chose this destination for one reason…to be on the lake.

Lake life on Flathead Lake

The first time we saw this lake was in 2015, when we were driving to and from Glacier National Park. We noticed its substantial size and thought no more of it.

This year as we were working our way West, across the plains…Chris wanted to find out exactly why it was considered to be one of the best lakes in all of Montana.

So this is…my firsthand report on how amazing Flathead Lake really is…specifically in the teeny-tiny town of Lakeside.

Why RVing Families Should Visit Lakeside, Montana

You don’t need to have an RV to visit here, this will still be an amazing vacation or trip no matter where you stay…but if you have an RV, you will especially love it.

  • Flathead Lake is the largest lake west of the Mississippi River…bigger than Lake Tahoe! The water is gorgeous, the recreational opportunities are endless and it is not crowded like many other prime destinations we have found.

    Sunrise on Flathead Lake
  • Edgewater RV Resort & Motel is right across the street from the lake. Ideally, we would like to have a place to park our rig, right next to the water. On this lake, if you want full hook-ups, this is not an option. This park is the next best thing…and truly the best option we found on the entire lake. The sweet lady in the office is amazing, the park is clean and it is in the middle of town.
  • Volunteer Park caters to kids…from toddlers to teens. This park is paradise for families on the lake. All three of my kids loved this waterfront park so much, that we were here almost every single day. It is social hour for the kids. The dock configuration is genius and should be a model for waterfront communities around the country. The designers were creative and placed two giant rocks in the shallow water for little adventurers to jump off of, while the furthest portions of the dock are perfect for teens to dive and flip off of.
    Volunteer Park, Lakeside, Montana

    Volunteer Park:  The summer hangout for kids
  • This is a great place to be in the water. Within a five minute walk you will find kayak, boat and jet ski rentals. Volunteer Park beach has easy entry points for all the toys you can bring and there is a marina directly across the street from the RV park.IMG_5062.jpg
  • This delightful little town is walkable. From the Edgewater park you can walk to the  beach at Volunteer Park, Tamarack Brewing Company (an awesome outdoor area and stream for the kids to play in while you wait for dinner), the grocery store and Dairy Queen for treats.
  • This is a quiet town. This is not the place for the party crowd. It is simple and ideal for family time.
  • Glacier National Park is less than an hour away…and is one of our favorite National Parks to explore.

We Will Be Back

This is one of those amazing places that I can see us coming back to, many times in the years to come.


What about you? Have you discovered the beauty of Flathead Lake?



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