Happy Hammock for Travel AND Adventure

Hammock happiness on Sylvan Lake, South Dakota

Last year we were blessed to find the Double Parachute Camping Hammock and strap set-up by Happy Hammock . We have now been enjoying it for an entire year. After putting it through the test with five people useing it…and taking it to countless locations, I believe we are qualified to give this product a solid review.

Product Specifics

  • Made from durable parachute fabric
  • 6 feet wide
  • Safe, durable construction
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Lightweight at just 1.65 pounds
  • The stuff-sack turns into a hammock pocket when in use

Why Our Family Loves It

Hammock Happiness on the Cathedral Spires Trail in Custer State Park
  • It is durable!
  • The straps are awesome and easy for a child or adult to hang up quickly
  • Very comfortable
  • Can seat 1-3 of us at a time
  • It is compact, so it takes up very little space
  • Washable. I have hand-washed it with liquid detergent after a certain little boy managed to get his sticky hands on it
  • We easily pack it in a backpack to take it anywhere
  • Quick drying. When left in the rain, the lightweight parachute material dries super quick
  • The strap system is adjustable and we have attached it to all sorts of trees and posts, even the ladder on the back of our RV
  • My kids absolutely love to wrap themselves up like a taco in it, especially when it is chilly out, or they need protection from mosquitos
Hammock happiness in Palisades, Idaho

Purchase It Here

You can purchase directly from Happy Hammock HERE.

Or you can order it from Amazon HERE.

Every Family Needs A Hammock

Hammock happiness in Branson, Missouri

There is something about reading a book, while swaying amongst the trees, that my kids find irresistible. For my oldest child husband, this portable lounger invokes an immediate nap. In the last year, we managed to enjoy our hammock in all four seasons…though I will remind you that we did winter in Florida for four months!

Chilling in a hammock is the embodiment of summer. It provides a peaceful space to watch the seasons change. It provides solace when you need an escape.

If you have yet to discover the sweet joy of hammock life, then I highly recommend that you tack it on to your wish list. Wether you are a travel family, a backyard lounger or a bucket-list junkie…incorporate the hammock vibe into your summer.

And if you find yourself in the market to purchase a new hammock…the crew at Barry Good Times highly recommends the Happy HammockThis is a quality product and I do believe that it is built to last. We have come across many different brands and types in our travels, and this suits our family just perfectly.

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