RV Life: How To Keep Things In Place On The Road

Keeping things in place while we travel

There is a little packet of putty…and it is at the top of my list of RV essentials. It is amazing! I’m one of those girls who like to dress up….both me and my home. You could say…that decor makes me happy. One of the first things I did in my traveling RV journey was to determine how to make the stuff stick. Literally.

I am not a fan of moving “my stuff” on moving day. This little packet is my secret weapon. Simply pull off a piece of the putty, roll it into a tiny ball…and press it onto the bottom of your object. Twist…and release. The whole press-and-twist action creates a very effective suction seal that holds your items quite well.

I have used this Quakehold Museum Putty  to mount vases, glassware, holiday decor, candles, picture frames…..it all holds!

Here is a photo of what I’ve mounted to the mantel above my TV, this was my summer mantel last year. Yes, I still decorate for the seasons and the holidays in my home-on-wheels. Remember…these items are on a shelf, 7 feet from the floor in a moving fifth wheel which is often going 55 miles+ an hour…bumping down the highway. I think that makes for a pretty good product test.

IMG_5242 2
This is how we keep all the pretty stuff in place…in an RV

I should warn you…not all museum putty is the same. I did try two other brands…and they were both useless. This is the brand you want. I have been using it for two and a half years…it is definitely the way to roll!

I am thrilled that we can now purchase Quake Hold Museum Putty from Amazon and have it shipped with my Prime orders.

Happy travels…and cheers to making things stick.

6 thoughts on “RV Life: How To Keep Things In Place On The Road

  1. Love this article….your mantle is so cute! I tried using putty to adhere a glass soap dispenser to my kitchen counter top. I din’t factor in the wetness that would get underneath since it was so close to the faucet. Is this brand of putty waterproof or is there a better solution? Thank you!


    1. Thank you Tina. I don’t believe it is waterproof. I did have great success with using it on the Soap dispenser in my bathroom….but we prefer to have it mobile. I have not tried it on my kitchen counter as we move things around often and I just set the dispenser in the sink on moving days. It has held every single item I have tried it on though, including glass candle holders and an antique milk vase.


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