Travel & Anniversaries

One of our early adventures:  Alaskan Cruise, July 2001

Today, Chris and I celebrate 18 years of marriage. I do believe that this is one of those truly significant hallmarks for me. I have been mulling this over for weeks…with excitement, emotion, passion and gratitude. It seems that I have been anticipating this anniversary, more so than any in the past years. We are still deeply in love. We are still humbled by our mistakes and in awe of how the Lord blesses us, despite our human nature. We are still traveling the United States in an RV with our kids. We are still seeking to be intentional with the little moments in life, so that our journey reflects the aim of our hearts.

November, 2015, Grand Canyon National Park

So why am I excited about eighteen years?

As children, eighteen is the age of adulthood. It is the age that I looked forward to. In the mind of a teenager, it was the age of maturity. Ha ha! Are you laughing? I am.

But, really…that is how it is portrayed. At eighteen you can vote, make your own choices…and well you are supposed to be capable of providing for yourself. I am not here to debate any of this…and do not get me started on the staggering number of children 18-year-olds that are graduating high school who are incapable of managing their own life, let along doing their own laundry…

My point is, though eighteen may not be the age of adult maturity…it has a really sweet and tender feel when it comes to marriage maturity.

Do you see where I am headed?

We have experienced a crazy amount together. Life has shaped us. Experience has taught us. Grace has saved us.

Blessings and Trials. Children. Jobs. Houses. Travel. Adventure. Pain. Living. Loving.

It has brought us to this place. And well…here it is. I finally feel like a grown-up. Don’t tell my husband, he still has Peter Pan syndrome and sees his 22-year old self in the mirror. Now that our marriage has reached adult age, I recognize that the lens I am looking through has been gradually shifting.

My Memories

So without getting all gushy…I am going to travel down memory lane for a moment. You see, I did not write before kids. I did not blog. Goodness…I did not even have a digital camera. I was married in 1999, remember!

So here are photos of my love and I…all sappy and happy. I love my kids dearly, but this man right here…well, he’s the love of my life.

August 2007 – The US Virgin Islands
December 2009 –  Ventura, CA
July 31, 2014 – Our 15th Anniversary, Ventura, CA
July 31, 2015 – Our 16th Anniversary, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Looking through my old photos has made me realize, that I really do need to scan those old photos. I can’t wait to visit my storage unit and pull out some more!

Thriving, Not Surviving

April 2017 – Nashville, TN

So, yes…we are still happy and in love…even after living in an RV for 28 months! That reminds me, today marks exactly 28 months since we walked away from our stick & brick house in Ventura, California.

And thank you. Thank you to those who share our story. Thank you to those who are part of our lives. We have received such support and love…as we have traveled and pursued the call to ditch the suburbs…and it has blessed our hearts richly.



16 thoughts on “Travel & Anniversaries

    1. Happy Anniversary to you as well! I dint realize that you’ve been on the road so long….that is fabulous! We absolutely love this lifestyle and are thankful for every second of it. You have so much to celebrate!


  1. This post may be my favorite do date. Your writing is beautiful and your story even more so. So thankful for your marriage – for the legacy you are building and the beautiful and adventurous family you have become. Blessings on this year, this month, this hour my friend. xo


  2. I love seeing other married couples who are thriving and choosing love each day. Thank you for shining brightly and congratulations! We are right behind you…we celebrate 18 years on Aug 21 and lucky us–we got the whole US to celebrate with us due to the eclipse😜😂😊🎉.


    1. Thank you Heather. Congratulations to you as well! How incredible that you will have such a momentous celebration this year. You had better play Prince’s “Party like its 1999″…this will be one big celebration for your family!


  3. I am so happy and proud of my “little” bro and family, beautiful and blessed. I love you all – across the miles, canyons and rivers, streams and mountains, you’re always in my heart. I love you!!


  4. Wow! Jenn! This is such a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary to you both! I love what God has been doing these past 18 years — 28 months of them in your R.V.!!!! You and your family are an inspiration! Keep writing and posting! We love you!!!


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