How To Enjoy Tubbs Hill In CDA


In the heart of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho sits Tubbs Hill. On this lakeside mound…you will find the convergence of the local, lake-life scene and the summer tourism crowd. This little destination is one of my families favorite lake spots and a must for traveling families to check out. After visiting dozens of lakes in 38 states, we have found very few locations that offer up a similar summer scene.

Why is Tubbs Hill ideal for families?

  • It provides countless, cozy little nooks to enjoy the lake. Rather than sitting on a beach with the entire town…you can sprawl out and have a much less crowded, if not private, lakeside experience.IMG_5938.jpg
  • You will find great freshwater snorkeling in clear, gorgeous water.IMG_5214.jpg
  • It provides a beautiful and easy hike. Our favorite time to hike this hill is after 7:30 on a summer evening. We find that there are very few people and the setting is just lovely. If you go up towards the top-center, you might even see some deer…and the views are lovely!IMG_5559.jpg
  • If you park near Sanders Beach, the crowds are less and you can find some really great little spots along the beach and a great little path.IMG_5467.jpg
  • This is a great place to float on a tube, kayak or jump from the rocks into the lake.IMG_5220.jpg
  • Spontaneous climbing, rock scrambling and log balancing are around every corner. IMG_5481.jpg
  • It is a fabulous spot to picnic! Just remember you have to haul your items to your little spot, so pack wisely.IMG_5942.jpg
  • The possibilities for family bonding are truly endless. Kids just absolutely love it here and it is so easily accessible, that very little effort or planning is needed.IMG_5476.jpg
  • Lastly…bathrooms, snacks and parking are all a short walk away.

There is just something about this lakefront property. After visiting so many different lakes this summer in South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Washington…we are still smitten with this little Tubbs Hill. We find it absolutely delightful that there is so many points of access to the lake and that the opportunities for fun and adventure are plenty. This is one fabulous summer playground.

What do you like to do at Tubbs Hill?




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