Newport Beach and Vintage Trailers


Newport Dunes Resort in Newport Beach, CA

There is something nostalgic about a vintage trailer. Sprinkle two dozen or so around the water in Newport Beach and you have the makings for some memorable camping!

Last week we were blessed to park our rolling home at Newport Dunes Rv Resort in Orange County. Fall is irresistible along the West Coast…and we enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and playing in the bay.


Chris and I lived in the OC for two years when we were first married, so we understand just how fabulous the weather is in one of California’s most desirable areas. When Chris scheduled a week of business appointments in SoCal, we could not resist making this our backyard for the week!

When we booked the campsite two weeks earlier (campground reservations are kind of spontaneous in this season of our lives), I was quite surprised to learn that the park was completely full and snagged one of the last sites available. After a few days, we realized why…


We were parked among some tin-can antiques!

Parked Next To The Ride The Wild Surf Vintage Trailer Rally


Now Newport Beach is beautiful in its own right. Throw in some vintage trailers…and you have one incredibly sweet retro camping experience.


If you have followed along on our adventures, then you might know that although we live fulltime in an RV…we don’t always feel like we are camping. This week though…we were camping! When your neighbors are all sitting around the fire at sunset, sipping a glass of wine and dressing in character…how can you not be a happy camper?!


The only thing I would plan differently is my campsite! If you ever visit this RV park…reserve ahead, spend the extra cash and get a site as close to the water as possible. We were back amongst the stationary peeps…and well, I like the view of the water better.

On Saturday, all the rally participants hosted an open house and everyone was invited to peak in at the trailers.


This was amazing! Do you know what really made it over the top? The fact that everyone set up their space with props! Seriously. I love a good photo op.

Honestly, I was crushin’ on a few different trailers. This Westcraft trailer stole my heart though. Check her out:


I stopped and chatted with the owner for a few minutes…she shared with me how she had just finished remodeling this beauty in a record two months!

Check out the inside:




So yes, refinishing a vintage trailer has now been added to my bucket list. Thank you Newport Beach…and all you incredible DIY’ers that allowed me to drool over your little campers.

Help Needed:  If you happen to know the owner of any of these trailers that I photographed, please let me know. I would love to give them credit for the fabulous work they did. Just send me a message and I will tag their unit in my post.

Newport Dunes & Family Time


We absolutely loved our time at Newport Dunes. One of our favorite features is the path that circles this bay. The path is just about a mile and it is great for walking, running and biking. In fact, my kids ran the mile each day we were here for PE. Chris and I enjoyed accomplishing two laps each morning before work and then again each evening. This perfect little path really encouraged us to get out and walk…and the fabulous weather helped a bit too!

On Saturday, my sister brought her boys out to visit. We had a blast! We were able to explore all the vintage trailers and then spend time at the beach.

We celebrated my nephew, Grayson’s, seventh birthday…and treated the kids to two hours in the water park out in the middle of the bay. Guests of the resort, receive a discount and you can get passes in two-hour increments. This is awesome on a warm day!


The kids were having so much fun that my sister, Jeanine, and I rented a peddle-boat so we could go out and watch the kids and their shenanigans.

Of course we rented the gold sparkly boat.


We even enjoyed a little pool time on that sunny afternoon.


After plenty of water fun we filled their tummies with fish tacos and s’mores…and had five, very happy cousins.




Looks like one happy birthday boy to me…and that makes me one happy auntie to have had such a sweet day with these boys and my sis.

You can view the fun YouTube snippet on our family day in Newport here:

So yes, our week in Newport Beach was awesome! The family time and vintage flare made it such a memorable week.

What about you? Are you lovin’ these vintage trailers or what? Any of my friends have an interest in renovating one of these retro charmers?



8 thoughts on “Newport Beach and Vintage Trailers

  1. That ornery Angie offered to assist me out of my chair at the street party after Litas’s memorial service. I’m trying to figure out if she was poking fun at me or sincerely thought I needed help. We just love the pictures you post, especially of those kids. Uncle Derrell

    PS: We are in touch with Kathy and Wesley Bowden, your cousins in Puerto Rico. Their houses were spared during the hurricans and they were out of power or communication of any kind for over a week. Wesley now has his power back on but Kathy is getting by with generators that were loaned to her by neighbors who had there power back on. For awhile they had no access to banks to get money and there were no stores open but Sam’s Club or Costco…………can’t remember which……….got back in business fairly soon. Trouble is they had run out of money and credit cards didn’t work. Pat has Kathy’s correspondence if you want to see it. We have not heard directly from Wesley.


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