Gift Ideas: Our Favorite Adventure Gear



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…oh, yes it is! With our Christmas Tree up, the music playing and the festive plaid pillows on the couch, we are so in the mood for Christmas around here. This morning I was thinking of all of the amazing gear that we have found in our journey. As I plan for gifts in our own family, I thought it might be helpful to share some of our favorites with our web-based friends…

So here is some of our favorite gear, all tried and tested by the Barry crew…with links for your shopping pleasure!

Outdoor Adventure Gear

Terralite Portable Camp/Beach Chairs

Chillaxin’ by the fire in the cozy chair up in Idaho

This chair is amazing! This is a lightweight (3 pounds), compact chair with two types of feet (standard and these round pods that are great for softer services so you don’t sink). The best part…they are economical compared to the fancy backpacker brands. These little guys hold up to 350 pounds and are perfect for backpacking, fishing, beach trips, tailgating and camping.

You can purchase them on Amazon HERE.

Happy Hammock

Hammock craziness in Utah

We love hammocks and the extra fun they bring to our adventures. This hammock has held up to all of our crazy shenanigans is perfect for active adventurers. You can read our full review HERE.

You can purchase this on Amazon HERE.

MSR Windburner Stove System

Brewing coffee on the mountain in Idaho

We love this camping/backpacking stove system! It is compact, lightweight and durable. We use it for backpacking of course, but we also pack it for hot meals on the trail during a day hike and for tailgating when we are out sightseeing. You can add extras for percolating coffee or a skillet for cooking, but the basic set is a great way to get started and add some hot cooking to your adventures.

You can purchase it on Amazon HERE.

REI Co-op Ruckpack 18 Pack

Hiking in Utah with this perfect little pack

We purchased two of these for our tweens to hike with and I could not be happier. They are compact and so comfortable for the kids (and me!). These packs were created with adventure in mind and I am thrilled that they are backed by the REI name and warranty. This pack is the perfect size for a daypack and has built in storage for your water reservoir.

You can buy it from REI HERE.

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

Sipping by the campfire in Idaho

We have five of these…and we love them! This mug is lightweight, has a handle so you can strap it to the outside of your pack, has a tight-fighting lid and great insulating sleeve. We wrote our names on each one with a permanent marker to differentiate whose is whose. We use them for day hikes and backpacking…and a lot of tailgating lately. I love that I can drink coffee and tea in it, mix my home-made oatmeal in it and use it for a sip of wine by the fire. It is multi-purpose and they only cost $10 each. These would be great to clip onto a Christmas stocking with a mini carabiner.

You can buy them on Amazon HERE.

Tech Gear

Laptop Durable Rubber Coated Plastic Cover

Blogging in style with my cute laptop case in California

I love this laptop cover for two reasons…it is beautiful!…and it works exactly as it should. Between school for the kids, trip planning and blogging…my laptop is always out, why should I not treat it as an accessory and love the look of it?! As a family we have gone through many of these…this by far is my favorite. An added perk is that the wood grain look conceals fingerprints and scratches.

You can but it on Amazon HERE.

Aluminum Camera Tripod

Photos with a tripod in Wyoming

This tripod is fairly lightweight and has traveled all over with us. My teen even packs it in her backpack for overnight trips to capture stars in the dark skies.

You can buy it on Amazon HERE.


Kamik Womens Rain Boots

Tromping through Massachusetts in cute & sturdy rain boots

These rain boots are awesome! Both of my girls wear these and I have been so pleased with them. I bought them a little big so that they could wear nice warm socks with them. They wear them on rainy days, to cross shallow creeks, when campgrounds flood and when they feel a bit crazy and want to wade out into an ice cold lake in the middle of Wyoming. I love that they go all the way to the knee so they can walk in super deep puddles. These boots are still going strong after two years of adventure…they are made to last! My tip…don’t buy short rain boots, not even for boys.

You can buy them on Amazon HERE.


Well, there you have it….these items are all at the top of our list for favorite gear. Since we will be outdoors tomorrow…as we #optoutside, rather than shopping, I wanted to share these items today….in case any of our readers are doing some armchair shopping in between the holiday festivities.

What gear do you love?


True Dat….yes, we will earn a small commission when you click on an Amazon link and order a product after visiting our site – at no additional cost to you. In fact, you don’t have to order one of these items, but if you shop on Amazon from one of our links…we will be blessed. But rest assured, we are sharing these products, because we truly love them!

2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas: Our Favorite Adventure Gear

  1. Hey friend, How are you guys doing? How are you feeling? How are your Ventura friends? The winds were so crazy yesterday here in Menifee, I can’t IMAGINE what it was like to be a firefighter near the blaze! Do you think the fires will change our upcoming plans for Ventura? I wasn’t sure if the area we were considering was affected so please forgive me if this is an obviously dumb question.

    Also, i had a quick blogger question: what plugin are you using for these buttons at the bottom of your post? I like the look of those better than what I currently have.

    Sending hugs, Heather



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