Morro Bay, CA

Five months in California. The unexpected. Loss for words. There has been a sense of ambivalence in our rolling home. I finally verbalized this the other day to my traveling friend. You see, for the majority of the last 33 months there has been momentum…and well, since returning to California, we are in a place of suspension.

Suspension is defined as the temporary prevention of something from continuing. Since we started this journey, there has been a constant course of exploration and movement. Though we are still moving about every week or two, we cannot help but feel this sense of delay. I will admit, it is very odd.

The nature of our nomadic lifestyle embraces spontaneity and obstacles, yet this has all been so different. Honestly, it has been challenging to process the situation and truly…my thoughts. I usually feel led to share our lessons from the road and travel tips, yet in this season we are mostly consumed with issues of the heart.

Yep…my “ta-da” pose is even questionable…in the Morro Bay sunset

Do you know what I mean? My thoughts these days have been centered around….

  • Are we pursuing our main objective?
  • Has our mission changed?
  • How long will we continue to do this?
  • As we change, so do our needs…and are we meeting those needs?
  • Why are we here?
  • Where are we going?

These thoughts are not only those of a traveler…I believe they are the impetus for momentum, or the force to move us on…

I am asking them, but I do believe that the employee nearing retirement…the graduating student…the newlywed…the empty nester…you all encounter these same questions.

I don’t have the answers yet. But you know what…writing this out is allowing me to process it all. I know that we need to be here, asking these questions. Don’t get me wrong, I am not worried about this. I know that this is exactly where we are to be.

So as I sit in California and prepare to celebrate one of the most treasured days in history, I am compelled to see the beauty around me.

Over the last three weeks, we have gone from Ventura…to Morrow Bay…Paso Robles…and back to Ventura, with a couple of pit-stops in between.

Morro Rock:  Morro Bay, CA

Though we have been suspended here in our home state for a while now…we are blessed by those we encounter and grateful for the beauty that continues to surround us, despite the horrible fires that have consumed Southern California.

Emma Wood State Beach, December 3, 2017

We were parked at Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura, the day before the horrific Thomas Fire dealt a savage blow to our hometown. My heart breaks for our friends that have lost their homes and for our family who is still not allowed back into theirs…yet I am unbelievably grateful that we were not parked in Ventura that week in an RV. I cannot imagine being in those 70 mph winds with fire knocking at the door, while my husband was away on business…on the East Coast.

So as we begin our Christmas break…these are the thoughts rolling around in our little home. Can any of you relate? Which season are you in? Hit reply…I would love to know.

In the meantime, here is my happy Christmas photo. I am just loving it’s cheerful disposition! So thankful for my sister-in-law who insisted that I pose in the doorway that nabbed my heart.





6 thoughts on “Suspension

  1. Such honesty and insight and a place that SO many of us are experiencing in our own little corners of the planet. I will pray for clarity for your tribe as you lean into the suspension. Know you are not alone (so says the West Coast lady doing life in the South for now). Sending lots of love.


    1. Thank you Cari! We appreciate your prayers immensely. I love that you are doing life in the south…it is such a beautiful adventure for your family.


  2. Well said Jenn. I sense what you are going through but have no advice except hang in there and you will prevail over the uncertainty. Pat and I experienced some similar kind of uncertainty during our long marriage (sixty years on Jan. 8th) . We are back in the comfort of our home now and grateful for our good fortune. Uncle Derrell.

    PS: Love that picture.


    1. I enjoyed reading about your Adventure to Puerto Rico, that you sent me. Thank you…I did not know of that story. I am thankful for so much, especially how our travels and my writing has connected us with family. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary. That is tremendous!


  3. Wow Jenn. You nailed it! I have been feeling exactly that same way and couldn’t even process it or verbalize it. You helped bring some clarity. We are in a season of life where there are so many unknowns and possible pathways to follow. I am thankful for my faith in God and that although I may not have answers to many of my questions, I can trust that God has a plan for the next season of our lives and His plans are for our good. I love your beautiful and transparent heart.


    1. Hi Lynn. Thank you. I do believe that one of the hardest parts of seasons such as this, are identifying them. Until we can recognize this season for what it is…it is hard to process it. I pray that as you dissect life in this season, that you sense the Lords direction with certainty. May you have a wonderful New Year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for both of us!


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