We Rally With Fulltime Families

Cruisin’ Cali Rally; Photo Credit:  Jonathan Elhard

If you read my blog or follow my Instagram, you might know that we are not the only ones who have ditched their house for an RV and roam the country.

In fact there are so many of us…that there are entire organizations created around the needs of the traveling community.

When we first ditched the house, we had no idea that Ditching Suburbia™ existed. If you check out their website, you will find out what they are all about:

On DitchingSuburbia.com we write about leaving a suburban life in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education, and uncommon adventure.

To date, I have not found a better assemblage of resources for the fulltime RVer or traveling family. Check out their “resource” page HERE. Isn’t it great? They offer a wealth of materials ranging from those in the dreaming phase…to boating, minimalism and families exploring international travel.

We also discovered Fulltime Families (commonly referred to as FTF). FTF does a fabulous job of connecting families. They host a massive Facebook group (check it out HERE) that is great for those dreaming and just starting out. Where they really shine is with their membership. Members have access to the FTF Members only Facebook group, which is a tremendous support system.

One of our absolute favorite aspects of Fulltime Families, are the member rallies.

FTF Cruisin’ Cali West Coast Rally, September 2016

In the last two years, our family has participated in 4 FTF Rallies!

In January of 2016 we attended our first FTF rally in San Diego, California. It was amazing! We had a blast and connected on so many levels, with many of the 30+ families that were there. After that we knew that attending a rally was the ticket to plugging our family into this lifestyle.

Kid’s Entrepeneurial Market at the Cruisin’ Cali Rally

In September of 2016 we attended the FTF Rally in Bainbridge, New York. This rally had a colonial theme, and many of the activities were centered around colonial times. We continued to meet more families and really…going to a rally is like going to camp for the kids…it is constant, non-stop fun.

FTF Colonial Rally in Bainbridge, NY, September 2016; Photo Credit:  Brooke Foster

We love to look forward to a rally…we just know that we are going to have fun.

Getting dirty at the FTF Colonial Rally; Photo Credit:  Brooke Foster

And there are so many ways for the kids to connect and play.

Donut eating contest at the Colonial Rally

In February of 2017 we attended the mega 7th Annual FTF Family Reunion in Tallahassee, Florida. This thing was huge! With over 80 families, we literally took over a portion of the fairgrounds.

2017 FTF Family Reunion Rally; Photo Credit:  Brooke Foster

Words cannot describe the scale of those potlucks! And the crazy fun that was had by all…

Chris playing bubble soccer at the Tallahassee rally

A wonderful event that we have found at each rally is the Kids Entrepreneurial Marketplace, where the kids have the opportunity to make and sell items and services. This has been an excellent addition to our road school and a pleasure to participate in. At the Tallahassee Rally, my kids choose to turn their sales into a fundraiser. You can read all about that event HERE.

There is something about meeting people from all over the country…families that are so unique and different…but whom we all share a bond with.

2017 FTF Family Reunion Rally; Photo Credit:  4 Radical Roadschoolers And A Fat Cat

And now, here we are in Menifee, California…where we just finished our fourth rally…the “Game On” Rally, filled with plenty of fun games…of course.

Game On West Coast Rally; Photo Credit: Fummins Family Roadtrip

42+ families and countless memories

We played games, had mega potlucks, toured other RV’s and witnessed the best talent show I have seen in decades.

Game On Rally in Cali Family Talent Show:  teenagers on the piano with mad skills

But the real treat for Chris and I were the nightly fires over the last week. I posted my thoughts on these campfires over on my Instagram this week:


We have decided that campfires are good for the soul. I was reminded countless times this week as to how much I love this timeless tradition. The fire has always been our favorite element of camping and RVing. It creates an experience and draws people together. It enhances a community. It draws us outdoors. It bathes us in warmth in the coolest of nights. I wonder how many campfires we will have this year?…let us be intentional on sharing this experience more often.

My heart is so full from all of the connections that we have in this community. Though we typically do not travel with other families, we try to connect where we can. These rally’s have become a special part of our travels and have allowed us to meet some wonderful families that we now consider dear friends.

As amazing as this time is for me…it is even more fulfilling to watch my kids enjoy these encounters, and investing in new friendships…with friends from all over the country.

Photo Credit:  Staffan Lindstrom


So for our family…and friends in our home town, may you have joy in knowing that even in our “crazy” lifestyle, we are still in good company and quite social.

And for those taking a peek at the traveling life…know that you can be as social as you choose. Like anything in travel, it can be as exceptional as you want it to be. If you have children on the road, and are intentional in making the connection…you have access to a substantial tribe.

How have you made connections in your travels? Leave a reply and let me know…

7 thoughts on “We Rally With Fulltime Families

  1. It’s fun to see you look back over the different rallies that you have attended. Last year we were sitting together in FL and you were telling me how much you loved them. It’s fun to be able to look back on a few ourself now and see the connections that have been gained because of them.


    1. You have such a great memory! Yes, I do recall that conversation also. Aren’t these memories a treasure? Rally visits with you made it an even more lovely experience Heather!


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