Processing Life


We are still here! Just needed to take a break and process life for awhile. So much has happened that I needed to sequester myself for a season. We have now been on the road for three years! Last year was a doozie for us. This year has changes brewing…and we had a vacay! So much to share.

How do you process life? Honestly, I am still learning what my style is. Perhaps I am just a mishmash of styles. Either way, just when I think I have myself figured out – I learn something new. My husband has always said that I am slow at acclimation. I agree. I have to mull over an idea and sit on it for awhile. The same is true for processing. We have experienced so many phenomenal things in the last four months, yet I am still processing the loss of loved ones, homeschool matters, travel adventures, my own organization and habits, my health…and well, the list goes on.

I think I am in a spot to share now, I just needed some extended time to let these matters simmer. I cannot wait to write and process it all a bit more. I have some fun posts that I began months ago…just begging for completion. As the weather warms up and we prepare for more adventures and the next season of life, I invite you to peek in on our story. Some may call this catch-up, but this is just me doing life…processing it a little slower. Target practice perhaps – accessing where our arrows have landed.

For my readers that subscribe to my posts via email, I have attempted to disable that feature for just a bit. I don’t want anyone to get slammed with multiple posts. Once I get all my thoughts out, I will continue with those emails. Thanks for sharing in on our adventure!

4 thoughts on “Processing Life

  1. Can’t wait to visit and see first hand! (Really Chris, you’re walking up and putting those in! LOL!!)
    Guess your old sis is just going to have to try it herself and visit her VERY missed family!!
    Love and kisses and hugs to you via “text” until in person,


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