Birthday Bash


As spring beckons us to be outdoors, I must make mention of a special occasion that we recently celebrated. My “center” child turned 13!!! We were able to honor this precious girl with a party at the beach! It was a very sweet time, and we even found some fresh new ways to enjoy the beach.


This sweet thing wanted nothing more than to be with her friends at the beach when we were in Ventura. Though it was a month early, we seized the opportunity to throw her an early beach birthday bash.


One thing about traveling families, we have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself! Thankfully we are loved by so many, who jumped at our spontaneous little idea and made way for the beach.


It’s no surprise that I have my favorite little beach spot. When our RV is parked next to the Pacific, and our toes are in the sand, our hearts are so content. Funny thing is, we have been beach camping for thirteen years and well, I finally discovered some new beach activities. Crazy, right?!

The Games


We utilized our homemade game spinner and filled it in with fun beach activities. Angie loved all of the activities, except for the group photo, but one day she will thank me for capturing that moment!

With a few buckets from the Dollar Tree and some plastic cups, we arranged the kids into three groups and did a fill-the-bucket relay race. With the ocean at our disposal, this was easy and fun.





The potato sack race was awesome. Ironically, these sacks have been sitting in our garage …and then our storage unit, since Chris’ surprise 30th birthday party. Yep. It’s true. Don’t judge, I knew they would come in handy when the kids got older. I can’t believe these bags made it past the big purge when we started traveling…but somehow they did. And well, it was worth it. They didn’t make it through the day though, but we loved this relay race!


Then there was the tallest drizzle mountain contest.



And a group effort to make as many sand globes as possible. If you have not made these yet, do it! You can find videos on YouTube, and it is so cool to see how this works.


We sang happy birthday, and then had a big ole’ cake!


And then the boys made a giant sand hut.



Happy Birthday Angie!

This girl of ours is amazing. Filled to the brim with spunk and passion. It is such a privilege to be her mama. I can’t wait to see God’s plan unfold in her life! She had such joy from being around her friends and being treated to special gifts. What a blessing it was to us all. With so much time away from loved ones in the last three years, it was a treat to see her spoiled in such a big way.


It was such a fun day, celebrating our girl, and the perfect way to end our stay in Southern Cali. It was smiles all around…





If you follow my Instagram, you may notice that we left California awhile ago. Yes, this party was at the end of January! I would be remiss if I let any more time pass without remembering this fun event.

What about you my friend? Have you enjoyed any new activities on the sand lately? The beach really is the perfect place to have a party!

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