Coffee/Tea Milk Frother


Milk frother. Really? Absolutely! This is one of the newest additions to my kitchen ensemble. After a year of use…it gets my endorsement!

I live in a house on wheels. I absolutely adore it…everything!…well, maybe almost everything….my point is: when I find a tiny little gadget that gives me warm, happy and luxurious moments…it’s a good thing. A very good thing.

True…this pint-sized thing will not last forever. I don’t expect it to. It’s battery operated for goodness sake.

It’s compact. Lightweight. Creates fabulous froth for a wicked latte. It’s battery-powered so I can use it when I boondock (translation: park remotely where we have no electrical power source…yet I still want to endulge in gourmet deliciousness). It’s under $20.


I purchased mine at Sur La Table for $20, however I found it here on Amazon for $4 less.