Secret Weapons – Girly Stuff

So I am getting personal here…and this is for the ladies. It can get downright difficult to stay manicured and pretty on the road. As much as I like groomed brows and a mani/pedi…that does not always happen when we are hiking National Parks, boondocking in the hills, chasing waterfalls in Northern Minnesota or tackling a busy city on the weekend when my husband is off from work. Oh yes…or when I’m doing the everyday stuff like teaching my children math and history, cooking meals and running back and forth from the laundry room facility (keeping it real). In my quest to keep myself tidy and feeling pretty, I have found two small little tools that pack major punch in this area. Those of you with growing girls…these are a cost-effective blessing in helping them with their needs as well as ours.

This little 6″ Hair Removal Threading Epilator is an amazing secret weapon for ladies that travel. For $6 it is worth your time to check it out. I wish I had know about this years ago…it would of saved me a lot of money with my esthetician. This is also perfect to tuck in your travel bag for touch-up when you are on vacation or away from home. Let me just say…it is  very helpful with unwanted facial hair…and I’ll leave it that.

This little Finishing Touch tool is fabulous for touching up as well. This is a more temporary solution then the first…but I consider it equally important. You can use it in a number of ways…I have even used it to trim my kids brows when they get out of control.