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A compilation of my favorites for travel, lifestyle and Fulltime RV living.

Apps for RVing

  1. Instagram – I utilize this app not only for photo inspiration, but for planning trips and connecting with other families on the road.
  2. Google Maps – the most reliable and free navigation tool I’ve found (though it does not currently feature filters for RVers such as low clearance and bridges, it is a great navigation app).
  3. TripAdvisor – One of my favorite ways to search for restaurants and activities wherever we go.
  4. The Weather Channel – A must for the traveler. You can set up your profile to search the weather based on your location. I love that it will give me tornado and severe weather warnings with a buzz on my phone before the inclement weather starts.
  5. The ATS Weather App – After my Weather Channel App finally failed me and neglected to notify me of a severe weather threat in Arkansas, a friend recommended that I try this app. It is not as user friendly as my other app, but it is usually quite accurate…so now I use both!

Campground Reviews

  1. Campendium – An awesome website for finding campgrounds and RV parks based on location and reviews. It’s relatively new in regards to the amount of reviews, but it is my favorite. I love the mobile-friendly design and the updated search functions.
  2. RV Park Reviews – A website for finding campgrounds and RV parks. The perk here is the vast amount of reviews, however it is not search friendly and is more of an outdated site.
  3. TripAdvisor – I have found more and more reviews on this site for campgrounds and RV parks. The caveat is that you must search for them under specialty hotels, as they do not have a filtered search for campgrounds as of yet. This mega review system always proves reliable based on the large amount of reviewers.

Fulltime RV Lifestyle

  1. Ditching Suburbia – One of the most complete resources I have found for Fulltime RVers. Ditching Suburbia does a fabulous job of providing support, listing resources, giving tips and inspiration and connecting with fellow nomads on the road.
  2. Fulltime Families – A community for Fulltime RVers. This is a great forum for connecting with other families. Their massive Facebook communities, partner discounts and their annual rally’s are an integral part of our Fulltime travel and community experience.


  1. Liberty Healthshare – This is a health-cost-sharing-ministry. It is not health insurance, but it does satisfy the requirements under the Affordable Care Act so that you do not have to pay the non-insurance penalty. I love the premise of the organization, it aligns with my values and it has proven to be cost effective for us after almost two years of use. We have a low monthly fee and what works out to be a low family deductible of $1500 per year, where the entire family contributes to one total, rather than individually. We highly recommend this health share plan. The also have a great referral system. If you decide to try it out, please let them know that I referred you as it will truly bless my family.
  2. Teladoc – A telemedicine plan that is perfect for travelers and families where you can see a doctor or nurse directly from your phone or laptop. FTF members receive unlimited consultations so I suggest joining Fulltime Families first and then connecting with Teladoc through their website.


  1. Wild + Free – A homeschool community that stirs my heart and complements our values. Is based in part on a quote by Henry David Thoreau, who wrote, “All good things are wild and free.” This community is great for mamas in all walks of life, whether you homeschool or not. You can follow the community on Instagram and subscribe to their monthly content bundles.
  2. Switched On Schoolhouse – A computer-based Christian homeschool curriculum that provides great flexibility for roadschoolers with ample options for customization. It grades most of the work for the parent, with the exception of essay type answers, keeps records and the program is stored on your computer so you do not need an internet signal, or a plethora of data, for the kids to do school.

RV & Camping Memberships

  1. Harvest Hosts – We discovered this wonderful program last year. It allows us to boondock in beautiful and safe locations around the country for free. The website is very user-friendly. If you sign up and mention Barry Good Times, you and I will both get a free month added to our membership.
  2. Good Sam – The “Trip Planner” tool for planning routes is very effective.  You also receive a discount at Camping World with this membership.
  3. Escapees – A travel club for RVers that offers campground discounts and resources. We love the Escapees Mail forwarding program that collects our mail and ships it to us wherever we might be.
  4. Thousand Trails – This is a campground membership that has too many programs to mention. We have enjoyed the Zone Pass Membership, utilizing their BOGO offer, we have two zones at a time. This helps us to keep our lodging costs down. Fulltime families tend to gravitate to these campgrounds, so it can be a very social experience.

Most memberships encourage referrals…as it really is the best marketing. I only refer things that I love and find a blessing to our family. Should you decide to join any of these services, it would be a blessing if you mention my name as your referral. Many of these memberships will add an extra month to our membership or give us a referral fee. This is a way to help support our website at no extra cost to you. If you do so, I sincerely thank you.

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