Quake Hold Museum Putty

This little packet of putty is at the top of my list of essentials. It is amazing! I’m one of those girls who like to dress up….both me and my home. Decor makes me happy. One of the first things I did in my full-time journey was to determine how to make the stuff stick. Literally. I am not a fan of moving “my stuff” on moving day. This little packet is my secret weapon. Simply pull off a piece of the putty, roll it into a tiny ball…press onto the bottom of your object, twist and release. The whole press-and-twist action creates a very effective suction seal that holds your item quite well.

I have used this Quakehold Museum Putty  to mount vases, glassware, holiday decor, candles, picture frames…..it all holds!

Here is a photo of what I’ve mounted to the mantel above my TV. Remember…these items are on a shelf, 7 feet from the floor in a moving fifth wheel which is often going 55 miles an hour…bumping down the highway. I think that makes for a pretty good product test.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I am thrilled that I can now purchase Quake Hold Museum Putty from Amazon and have it shipped with my Prime orders.