Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum

When five people live in a fifth wheel, every single square inch of space is used. And used. And used. And used. A very tidy little home can get dirty quite fast. Finding the right vacuum took me almost an entire year. I do wish I had known then, what I know now. My lesson learned was that I could not find a compact vacuum for less than $150 that would give me the type of clean that I wanted AND endure the life that we would give it in this home. Don’t get me wrong…I tried. I attempted to keep my full-size Dyson for a short time…that was just plain silly. I attempted to sweep my carpet with a broom for a brief season…heck no! I ordered a less expensive handheld vacuum with decent reviews on Amazon and kept it beyond the return period…waste of money! All that to learn that I absolutely needed an amazing power-house of a tool that could clean bare floors, carpet, closet and shower tracks, teeny-tiny awkward spaces, stairs and a number of other random places that would require tiny attachments.

This thing needs strength to encounter dirt, rocks, hair (we have 3 girls in our home), sand, snow, spilled flour from baking, scraps from crafting…you name it, it happens…and this vacuum gets the brunt of it all.

This Shark Vacuum fits our needs just right. For its size and weight and the amount of suction it produces…I am thrilled with my purchase. After eleven months, I am still quite pleased with the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright (HV302). For the amount of use, that this fulltime family with active kids, gives this vacuum…we are still very impressed with it’s performance.