Indoor Kart Racing in Cali


Have you missed me? I have missed writing, and definitely connecting with our travel friends. It’s been awhile. Our goal is to have this space and share our adventure, as we hopefully inspire and offer up ideas for family time…but this is also my little space. The space where I log our memories. The space where my kids will one day be reminded of the adventures we had. The space where I connect with others who are like-minded.

We have been busy. We moved north from Cali to Northern Washington. But honestly, I have been detoxing. After getting knocked down by the flu for two weeks, I needed some time to unplug. So here I sit, rested and ready to say hi again. I could not resist sharing one of our last adventures in So Cal, because…well, we went racing. It was pretty indicative of our mood. After over six months in California, we were ready to race right out of there. We love you California, BUT…the north was calling, and we were itching to go! So here is a fun venue we found…perfect for my crew and those that need to move fast.

Before leaving Southern California, we had a need for some speed! After a hectic week, we knew just how to show the kids some serious fun. MB2 Raceway has seven locations and one of them happened to be in Thousand Oaks, California. We grabbed our friends and found some wild fun on the track.

This place is awesome! I would consider this a pricey option, so definitely a splurge for the budget, or perhaps for a special occasion. (This would be an excellent gift if you know someone who loves to race cars.)

Each racer receives a safety helmet…

Our friend Spencer and Brendan

And a hair-sock if you want…to knock the glam-factor up a notch…


The girls just loved how the helmets fit super snug, and scrunched up their cheeks…kind of like chipmunks.

Our friend Madison

Each racer received some instruction before they hit the track.


Our racers were divided into two groups:  Junior Racers (under 12) and Adults (ages 12+).


My husband was able to meet us and had the fun of racing with the kids! This is a tiny clip of their track time:


It was such a fun adventure and a very dear memory with our friends.

Know Before You Go:

  • Closed toed shoes are required for all racers.
  • Call ahead and verify the hours of operation, they do close occasionally for private parties.
  • Note that the phone number, 866.209.9241, is for multiple locations, so inquire specifically about your destination of choice.
  • Junior Racers get 9 laps around the track for $15.
  • Adult Racers get 14 laps for $18
  • If you go on a weekday afternoon, you can have the place practically to yourself.
  • The kids will need a parent to sign their safety release.
  • The Junior Racers (kids under 12) get fewer laps around the track than the older kids and adults. If I were planning this for a special occasion with my son, I would splurge and buy him two races. He and his friend were itching to race more and it would of been fun to have given them a little more time.


My kids absolutely loved this kart racing adventure! We will definitely try to find another indoor kart racing location in our travels. Maybe for one of the kids birthdays…

Have you tried this before? If you have had a great experience, please tell me about it in the comments. I would love to know which are best tracks…no matter where they are!

2 thoughts on “Indoor Kart Racing in Cali

  1. Looks like that would be a lot of fun. Glad all is better and you are,able be back up and on the road again. Give my 3 greats a big hug from their mamaw. Miss you, love you bushel peck hug around neck. 🎈⚘🎶👍😚😚😚

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